Poll – Pulling out Rs 500 and Rs 1,000.. Do you agree with this sudden decision?

||||| 7 I Like It! |||||
  1. Yes. It is good in long run. but it would have been better if government thought of low income group, rural areas people etc, the inconvenience they will face initally.

    Also, government wants cashless transactions but doesn’t have good infrastructure. Not everywhere you will find machine to swap cards like paan tapri, small time shop keeper, vegetable vendor etc. You will find card swapping option where you have to pay more for same item which you can purchase on far low price somewhere else but don’t have option for card. Many places they charges extra 2% on using cards. Who get benifit? It is banks 😀 This should be removed if we want to have cashless transactions. So we just talk about change without having proper infrastructure needed for same. Hope one day government policy will match with need of common man.

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